Best Motorcycle Ramps for Pickup Trucks With Guides

Definitely it is an uphill task to find the best motor cycle ramp for the pickup trailers and trucks. Everyone looks for a versatile yet some light weight ramp that could help a lot in easy loading and unloading of the motorcycles onto the beds of trucks.

Market is definitely a place that can solve this problem but finding the best one is not as simple as it looks apparently. A huge variety of ramps of multiple brands can make you confused but here we are going to review some of the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks for the information and understanding of our readers.

This information will definitely prove beneficial for our readers. Let’s start these reviews one by one.

Features to consider in a motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks

Sometimes, it becomes a tiring task to load a motorcycle into a pick up.  If you want to carry out this process successfully, obviously a ramp is the main requirement that should be good enough to handle the weight of your bike but at the same time make this procedure hassle free.

Here, we will discuss some features to consider that everyone should keep in mind before having a motorcycle ramp.

Key Things to Consider in a motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks

Weight of motor bike

The first thing that you need to do is, just figure out the weight of the bike. Now, the most important question that comes to your mind is how you can weigh the motor bike.

Answer is very simple. Just call your motor dealer and ask him about the appropriate weight of your bike, he will be able to help you in this matter.

Once your issue is resolved, pay attention to the loading limit of the ramp that you want to buy: either it can handle the weight of your motor bike or not.

For example, if the weight of your bike is 800lbs and ramp can only hold 700 lbs, do not choose this option. It will be a great disaster on your part and waste of money too.


As far as, its material is concerned, all ramps are composed of high quality aluminum which makes it light weight and durable. It can stay with you for longer. You do not need to invest money time and again on this.

Though, aluminum is a frivolous metal but you cannot ignore this important feature of how much the weight of the loading ramp is? Keep this point in your mind; you cannot buy a heavy ramp as it will be difficult for you to load bike on that ramp.

Adjustable ramps

Usually, all ramps can be folded what you need to understand is how it can be folded and in what direction? Does it fold half from one side to the other with single articulation point in the centre or Bi-fold style parallel down the middle with various points?

Heavy duty bolts are utilized in the composition of half folded ramps and these can be replaced easily in comparison with a ramp system that uses incorporated pin system.

How to store loading ramp for transportation

It really matters how you fold the loading ramp for travel after your motorcycle is securely loaded.A loading ramp that can be folded partially with single articulation dot in the centre may take too much space in your truck.

On the other hand, it may damage your motorcycle while transporting, the reason behind is, there is not sufficient distance between your bike and ramp which may create a catastrophe. So be very careful while loading your bike in a pickup.

Length of a loading ramp

Another thing that needs to clarify is what should be the length of loading ramp? The interesting factor is, it should be as long as it can be because it will assist you to load your bike steadily without any disturbance.

Best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks

1. Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Aluminum Rapms

This is an amazing folding ramp that greatly helps to load and also unload the UTV’s, ATV’s and many more other vehicles onto the beds of trucks and tractors easily. This is a dual runner arched ramp and in its packaging two ramps is provided to the users.

This is an arched ramp and it has been designed for the tailpipe clearance and for the maximum engines.

Rage Powersports Black Widow AFL-9012-2

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When we talk about the length of each ramp, we come to know that it is 7.6 inches. It can support 750 lbs of maximum weight. Whereas the overall weight of this product is 32 pounds and the other dimensions of this product are 89.25*11.13*1.5 inches.

The good thing about this product is that it comes with the serrated rungs that provide the excellent grip in mud and make your task really easy for you. They even work really great in snow or rain.

This product comes with a plate style attached lip that makes it sure that the vehicles are secured on the ramp. There are two safety traps too that are adjustable and make these ramps more secure for the vehicles. This is a high quality product that is light in weight and its aluminum construction shows its strength too.


  • A light weight product that supports the loading and unloading of heavy vehicles without any problem.
  • There is no danger of getting slipped as the serrated rungs of these ramps provide strong grip in mud, snow and rain.
  • It is easy to store these ramps as you can fold them to half when you are not using these ramps.


  • These ramps cannot be used to load the golf carts.

2. Clevr 7.5 Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps

These ramps are quite popular these days because they are really appreciated by the people due to their functionality. High quality aluminum is used in the making of these ramps and they provide you great comfort at the time of loading the motorcycles as they are secured and there are no chances of slipping the vehicles.

Clevr 7.5 inch Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum

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This is made of high quality aluminum but you will note that it is not so heavy at all. It is light in weight yet it has a great weighing capacity. It can easily support upto 1500 pounds weight of vehicles.

These arched designed motorcycle ramps ensure the maximum support in loading and unloading of the vehicles whether they are ATV’s or the 4 wheelers and make the whole process quite smooth.

This product comes with two safety straps that allow you to fasten these straps to the tail gates and once they are securely tighten then your ramps will not go anywhere or move.

The item weight of this product is 32 pounds. When we talk about the other dimensions, we come to know that they are 90*11*4 inches. These dimensions show that these are a bit sleek ramps.

It is really easy to store these ramps as they are foldable and you can keep them aside when they are not in use.


  • These are the light weight ramps with the great weight holding capacity.
  • Security straps make it sure that the ramps will hold their place tightly.
  • Arched design greatly helps in loading and unloading of motorcycles and other vehicles.


  • Joints need to be tighten time and again otherwise they get loose.

3. VIVOHOME 750 Lbs Capacity 7.5 Feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp Kit

This is another great ramp that is made of high quality aluminum and it also comes with a black coating that provides great resistance against corrosion and rust. It is guaranteed that this ramp will not be affected by these elements.

VIVOHOME 750 Lbs Capacity 7.5 Feet Aluminum Folding

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This ramp offers arched design that facilitates its user with the better traction and clearance. So it becomes really easy to load heavy duty vehicles without any fear of slippage.

This great product has an ability to bear 750 lbs of weight and it is an ideal ramp for loading the motorcycles, dirt bikes and bicycles into the beds of trucks.

The good thing about this ramp is that you can fold this product to the half and you can easily store it into your garage or at any compact place.

This highly durable ramp is easily portable. There are three rubberized tips at the end of the ramp that make it sure that the ramp would not be budge and it will stay strong at its place.

The weight of this product is 17.11 pounds whereas the other dimensions of this product are 46.7*12.7*6.5 inches. Heavy duty adjustable straps also enhance the effectiveness and functionality of this ramp.


  • The strong and sturdy design of this product makes it more durable for use.
  • It is quite easy to store this ramp.
  • Adjustable straps make all the procedure of unloading and loading very comfortable for the users.


  • Here is only one con of this ramp and that is the sharp edges that may create problem for the users.

4. Loading Ramps Folding, gardhom 2 PC 1500 lbs Capacity

These are such a light weight loading ramps that are made of high quality aluminum. This durable and sturdy construction facilitates 750 lbs of weight per piece or ramp. This ramp due to its arched design makes it sure that the whole process of loading will be smooth and trouble free.

Loading Ramps Folding

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It really makes your life easy as you have no need to wait anyone to move motorcycles, dirt bikes etc onto the bed of trucks or trailers. Once this ramp is opened, you can quickly use it. It does not require any assembling.

The good thing about this ramp is the folding feature. Once it is not in use, you can fold and store it on the bed of your trucks. So the feature of mobility or portability is also remains very high.

Like other ramps, it also comes with the rubber tipped fingers and it greatly enhances the feature of security too. These rubber tipped fingers also help to avoid any harm to the tailgate.

When we talk about its functionality, we come to know that these ramps are the ideal products for lifting and loading the motorcycles and four wheeled vehicles.

You can use a single ramp or two according to your loading requirements. The weight of this product is 32 pounds and the other dimensions are 46*12*11.5 inches.


  • This product allows very smooth maneuvering and this is a light weight ramp that is highly durable in nature.
  • Its folding design is really awesome and you feel no headache in storing this product.
  • Safety straps are strong enough to make your loading operations secured.
  • Rubberized tips also enhance the feature of security of this product.


  • Some people complain about its packaging. They say that it is terrible.
  • Issues of inconsistent performance have also been reported about these ramps.

5. Black Widow Heavy-Duty Folding 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp

This is a heavy duty three piece motorcycle ramp that has been designed to ride choppers and cruisers onto the bed of trucks and trailers. This is a full width ramp that is great for loading because of its three section ramp.

Black Widow Heavy-Duty

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This product comes with the serrated rungs that provide fully traction. Its arched design also provides the utmost ground clearance that is great.

This folding, heavy duty ramp comes with a full width lip and there are 2 security straps too that make it sure that the ramp is secure for vehicles.

This product is made of very light weight aluminum material but it has a capacity to support 1500 lbs of weight that is great. The overall weight of this folding ramp is 76 pounds and the other dimensions of this ramp are 120*38*1.5 inches.


  • Heavy duty product that can be easily used with cruisers and choppers.
  • Lifting of heavy vehicles is not more a big deal in presence of this ramp.
  • Three piece ramps provide great width for loading the vehicles.
  • Like other ramps, it is easy to store this one as it can be folded too. It can be stored when it is not in use and feature of probability is really high too.
  • Durable product that makes your investment really long lasting.
  • Security straps ensure the safety of lifting vehicles.


  • Some users claim that no proper instructions are provided with this product so you have to check the details online and search for the proper understanding.
  • At the time of loading the heavy bikes, you need to be more vigilant.

6. Reese Explore 7454000 80″ Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

This is a durable motorcycle ramp that is made of galvanized steel. This high quality steel greatly enhances the strength of this ramp and it does not get budge at the time of use. The good thing about this ramp is that it can be separated into 2 loading ramps and you can use it according to your requirements.

Reese Explore 7454000

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Reese Explore 7454000 ramp comes with the carrying handles that make the handling and setting of these ramps convenient for you. The feature of adjustable straps is also worth mentioning here because these safety straps make it sure that the loading process is secured and there will be no damage to the vehicles.

The weight capacity of this ramp is 800 pounds that shows the strength of this product. The other dimensions of this ramp are 11 inches (width) by 80 inches.

These dimensions look a bit less but they can easily accommodate your bikes or off the road vehicles. This great ramp has hinges that lie in the center of ramp so it can be easily detached from its center.


  • This is a heavy duty ramp like the other ones but it is not so heavy in weight.
  • In its construction different type of materials including steel is used so it is a durable product.
  • The presence of drilled holes provides more friction and it makes it sure that the climbing would be more efficient.
  • It can be detached and stored easily.


  • Some users complain about it straps. They say that the straps get loose after sometime and make the ramp unstable that is dangerous.

Things to consider before buying motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks

Many people often ask about the points that should be considered before buying the motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks. So here are some key points that can help you a lot.

Loading height

It is really very important to consider the loading height of the truck bed before buying the ramp. This is not a thing that you can just suppose or assume.

You must know the correct height before buying the ramp and then you should make a decision. A steeper ramp can make your motorcycles unsecured on the ramp.

Loading capacity

It is another important factor that must be considered before buying. Labels are pasted on the ramps that show how much load they can carry and what type of vehicles they support for loading.

It is always advisable to select a ramp that can facilitate the loading of multiple weight motorbikes. These versatile ramps can be used in a better way and they enhance your loading capacity too.

Ramp features

Different motorcycle ramps offer different features like corrosion free, anti-slip etc. So you must keep in view your requirements while buying a ramp for your bike.It is important.


Factor of weight is also very important. There are many ramps that are made of high quality material but they are light in weight. These are the more suitable ramps.

Light weight ramps are easy to move and you can easily use them for lifting or unloading the motorcycles.

A heavy ramp can create a problem for you in setting it properly with the trucks and trailers.

Safety features

It is also very important to consider the safety features of these ramps. In case of any negligence, you may have to pay the consequences. So while selecting a ramp, you must be careful.


Now everything is clear to you. This whole text shows you that what are the features that you should consider while buying the best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks? You can go through the above-mentioned reviews to select the one or there are so many other ramps provided by different other brands in the market.

So it is up to you that what you are actually looking for in a product and what your requirements are. So be wise and select carefully.

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