Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Latest 2021

Buying an automotive diagnostic scanner is a task that can give you severe head ache as multiple brands are offering a great variety of scanners and every scanner is different in terms of functions and technology. So it is good to research properly before entering in the market to buy a scanner. Definitely every brand will portray its scanner as the best one.

In this article, we want to enhance the knowledge of our readers by guiding them about some of the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner. These scanners can really help in diagnosing the real issue with your vehicles.

Features to Consider in a Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Full coverage of OBD 2 diagnostic functions

A professional diagnostic scanner is one that provides full coverage of the OBD 2 diagnostic functions. There are 10 modes of OBD 2 diagnostic. In market, plenty of scanners are available but they do not provide the full coverage and this thing goes wrong in their favor.

A professional scanner can read and clear codes, retrieve freeze and frame, live data and performs the emission tests accurately.

All system diagnosis

Scanner is a tool that can ease your life if it has an ability to read the trouble codes of every electronic module of your vehicle. This type of scanners is the first preference of professionals.

All diagnosis scanners depict the real condition of engine for the professionals and help them a lot in taking appropriate decisions.

Service Functions

“Service functions” is a broader term that covers a wide range of repair functions. In a scanning tool, oil resetting is one of the most common service functions that allow you to off the oil light and it also make sure the resetting of the oil once it is changed.

Other key features that come under the heading of service are the ABS bleeding, DPF regeneration, suspension etc. A professional automotive diagnostic scanner really facilitates its users with a lot of service functions.

Bidirectional control or Active tests

Bidirectional control is also known with the name of active testing. This feature of scanning tools allows the people to test or activate the different mechanical parts of vehicles on demand. This is a really appreciating feature of the professional automotive diagnostic scanner.

It shows that whether the valves, actuators and the other parts of the vehicle are working properly or not. Thus it makes the working of the vehicles more efficient.

ECU/Key coding and programming

This function of scanning tool is utilized for changing the keys basically and it is also used for remapping the engines so that they could perform in a better way. A professional scanner allows the easy setting of the computer and you can make changes to the parameters too.

This feature should be considered in a scanner as it provides an adequate and efficient solution for troubleshooting.


Speed is definitely a feature of consideration for professionals because in a professional garage people need to diagnose multiple vehicles. A quick scanner can read codes speedily and it allows you to solve the issues quickly. Quad core processors are usually recommended for the professionals because of their ultimate high speed.


Well AutoVIN is a feature that helps to quickly figure out the make and model of the vehicle. According to the professionals’ point of view, intelligence is a point that really needs consideration.


Accuracy is a feature that cannot be compromised. A good scanning tool must provide accurate results so you must not trust any brand that is new to the town.

A brand with the established name should be the preference of professionals for the professional automotive diagnostic scanner.

Best Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Review

1. FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader


As the name indicates, this scanner is the choice of professionals. This product has been designed keeping in view the professional needs and the good thing is that you can easily understand that what it indicates. This thing helps you to maintain your car without any trouble.

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader

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When the check engine light gets on you can check the severity of problem and it helps you to figure out the issues with your car. Another good thing about this product is that it translates for you the issue in easy English and let you understand that what the problem is going on with your vehicle.

This professional product is preferred by the people because it is intuitive and it is compatible with all gas oriented engines. You can install FIXD app and sync this device with your smart phone to get notification on your phone.

Weight and Dimension

The weight of this product is 0.96 ounces and the other dimensions of this product are 1.5*0.5*1.75 inches. Through this product and app you can even know the cost of repair so you can save your money too when you visit a mechanic that is really awesome.


  • It is really easy to use this powerful product.
  • Never disappoints you with its performance.
  • You can sync all the vehicle of your family with this app to know about the problem of your loved ones when they are in trouble of their vehicle.


  • It is not as easy to use as it is portrayed.
  • Compatibility of device with the app is doubtful.
  • Not really appreciated by the users.

2. Launch X431 V+ (Upgraded Version of X431 V PRO)


This is the updated version of X431 V Pro. This is a really fast and powerful scanner and it features the most advanced functions. This great scanner is compatible with wide range of vehicles and never disappoints its users.

Launch X431 V+

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This model is also compatible with heavy duty Launch Modules and it allows the online coding of the vehicles too. Actually this scanner can cope up with multiple vehicle brands and this feature really makes it worth using for people.

Well Launch X431 V+ owns the ability to provide instructions to its users of the dealership level so it can guide them to perform maintenance and repair tasks by their own.

This great scanner provides you ECU coding, Auto VIN Detect, BMS reset, Key programming, Gear reset, injector coding, TPMS reset, SAS reset and many more other features to meet all your needs. It has an ability to actuate actuators and solenoids for the purpose of active testing.

Weight & Dimension

The weight of this scanner is 13.23 pounds and the other dimensions of this diagnostic scanner are 13.78*5.91*9.84 inches. It can also perform all service functions for all type of systems.


  • Advanced products with so many distinguish features and it really makes your day.
  • This is an ideal choice for car dealers, technicians, used car dealers etc.
  • Smart, fast and an intelligent diagnostic automotive car scanner.
  • This is an awesome product that is quite easy to activate.
  • It has an ability to cope with all the vehicles.


  • This is a bit heavy scanner but this is not an actual con. It does not make any difference.
  • A bit more instructions should be provided for the new users.

3. Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool With Wifi


While talking about the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner we come to know that Autel MAxisys Elite is a product that really caters your diagnostic scanning needs. This product comes with a complete scanning system that provides really easy ECU coding for the sake of individual customization of a person’s car.

Autel Maxisys Elite Diagnostic Tool

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This is a great product as it facilitates its users with more than 36 functions that are awesome. It features 4.0 android operating system and provides sharp and stunning Retina display.


This is a recommended scanner for Benz and BMW as it owns J2534 ECU programming for these vehicles. It provides step by step instructions for the perfection. It provides top quality service and this is such a durable scanner that makes your investment long lasting.

This scanner has an ability to access the modules of all available vehicles and thus it can retrieve ECU information. Its bi-directional control allows this scanner to ensure the operating conditions of different components and the systems that is really great.

Weight & Dimension

The weight of this good product is 2.2 pounds that shows how light it is whereas the dimensions of this product are 25.6*7.5*16.9 inches.


  • This is a single solution for all the professional needs.
  • Provides individual customization of cars for users and enhances the performance too.
  • Such a light weight scanner.
  • Feature of Bi-directional control is worth mentioning here.
  • This product works smarter not hard that is great.
  • It has an ability to communicate with all the vehicles.


  • This is a good product and customers are really happy with it so there is no con.

4. INNOVA 3160RS Pro OBD2 Scanner/Car Code Reader with Live Data


Life is really easy when you have a professional diagnostic automotive scanner as it helps you to fix the issues of your vehicle. And if we call the name of INNOVA 3160RS PRO here, we will definitely do the justice with this product. This scanner features high end repair and maintenance solutions and functions that are not generally present in the scanners.

INNOVA 3160RS Pro OBD2 Scanner

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This product performs maintenance like a Pro. This is a fast scanner and this feature really makes it worth using. This scanner shows compatibility with SRS and ABS and it helps out to check the safety and braking systems of almost all the vehicles of Asia, Europe and other domestic vehicles.

You can read comprehensively all the ECU modules and you can clear their trouble codes. It features superior brake caliper service for all the modern vehicles. You can even diagnose tire pressure too with this scanner.

Weight & Dimension

The weight of this scanner is 1.28 pounds and the other dimensions of this scanner are 11.02*7.36*2.2 inches. This great scanner also allows you to check battery status and the charging issue of your hybrid vehicles.


  • Such a small sized yet powerful scanner that can be used with a variety of vehicles.
  • Its compatibility with SRS and ABS is great.
  • Well constructed scanner and buttons really work well.
  • Screen is like crystal clear so you can easily read the screen.
  • This is an excellent code reader.


  • Some users say that there should be rubber bumper around this scanner to give it a long life.
  • Some users complain that it does not work with all GM vehicles.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Buying the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner is not an easy task. So you must consider some points before buying a scanner. These are as follow.

Read fault codes and provide descriptions

When you are in a market to buy an automotive diagnostic scanner, you should consider that whether it can only read the fault codes or it can also provide a description with it. This point must be considered because there are some scanners that can only read the fault.

They do not provide description and users remain unable to understand the fault properly. And you should also consider that what type of systems a scanner can access. Some scanners have limited access so you must check the accessibility of the scanner then consider it for buying.

Removal of fault codes

Another good point that you need to consider while buying an automotive scanner is the removal of fault codes. While buying you have to check that scanner can remove the fault codes or not. Erasing of fault codes is necessary as it will shut the warning light off and you can easily know that the errors or fault has been removed.

Easy to use

When you decide to buy a scanner, always consider that whether it is friendly to use or not, if it is not then do not buy it.


All the above mentioned scanners are the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner that can truly prove beneficial for you. Select wisely and enjoy the benefits of a good diagnostic scanner.

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