Driver Door Wont Open From Inside or Outside

As far as, car doors are concerned, they are considered the most used components of automobiles. Obviously, if you drive a car on regular basis, you open the car door time and again, in that scenario, you face some problems and most common one is the failure to open the car door from outside or inside.

The most important question that comes across to your mind is, how can you fix this issue or can it be solved at your own. Answer is very simple. It is quite easy to fix the door but before that you need to know why this situation happens.

How To Open A Car Door That Won’t Open From Inside or Outside

Connection problem

If your car lock is jammed, it will not allow the door to be opened. The main reason behind jamming is a poor connection to the car door handle. Once, you figure out this issue, you have to check all the internal and external connections instantly, the interior locking switch and door lock cylinder because car door can be caught in one of these positions.


Rust and dirt play a vital role to get the car doors jammed. Rust accumulates in the lock assembly of the car’s door and as a result, it jams the handle of the door. It may also cause due to any external broken parts. In the end, you are not able to open the door from inside or outside.

Core structure damage

This type of breakage usually happens after an accident. The handle of the door may get dented and consequently, it may turn into lock getting stuck. The door handle may get detached from the door lock assembly. Structural damage may happen during an accident no matter how severe the accident is?


If we talk about deadlocks, you must be surprised what it is? It is a feature that has been positioned in latest models of cars. It may happen because of a particular button on the remote that triggers the lock.

Out of order lock

Sometimes, you are worried that car door is not opening from inside or outside and your all attempts to open the car door are a complete disaster. Let me tell you one thing, one of the main reason can be a single broken lock which restricts the door opening.

This problem can be solved easily if the lock of the door is still working and you can enter in the car. A broken lock can be a symbol of weak car parts. To resolve this issue, you can call any mechanic or take your car to a nearby auto shop.

Damaged door

A damaged door is one of the main reasons to restrict the door opening. In reality, what happens is, if there is some problem with the door, it is quite obvious that the lock will build up some issues, which may result in the door not to open from inside or outside.

Handle issues

Sometimes, you think that the problem is with the door but unfortunately you are exerting your energy in a wrong direction as the real problem is with the handle. Obviously, a handle is the main tool to unlock the locking system.

And if it is not working accurately, surely, you will bear some difficulties in opening the door. In some cases, handle technicalities like rusted or broken springs are not able to start the door opening system.

Frozen door

If you are living in colder vicinity, the car doors might be frozen. In that situation, you are unable to open the door either from inside or outside. As you know it really well, the temperature gets very low in winters and it may play a key role to make different parts and components of your car door frozen. So focus on this point too.


Now, we will talk about some solutions that will help you when driver door won’t open from inside or outside.

Mend the broken connections

First of all, open the door and repair the lock assembly. Try to replace the broken parts if it is required.


What to do when car door is not opening from outside and how to fix a car door handle that won’t open from the outside is really important. Because this can be a really critical situation for a person so what you have to do is, start by inspecting the keyway for blockage.

Lubricate it properly. Next, open the door and try to fix the lock assembly to find out what is caught in the lock. Now, grease the assembly and repeat this process time and again until all blockages is removed.

Eliminate the door panel

If you are having a tool kit, use it to separate the door panel. Once, you are successful to remove the screws from the door panel, it becomes easy to spot the problem. What you have to do next is? Detach the electrical connections that are connected to the door panel.

After this, panel will be removed and you will see a plastic cover inside. Take out this cover and start noticing the problems that are restricting the door from being opened. Now, try to figure out whether the problem is with the internal shafts or mechanisms.

Your next step would be fixing a nut at the ending point of the shaft to stiffen the grip; this technique will really be helpful to open the door from outside.

If the door is not opening from inside, in that situation, what you need to do is, Just look for problems in the power locking system. May be repairing is needed. And the last thing is check the door lock motor.

As far as, modern automobiles are concerned, an automatic locking system is installed in most of the cars, so all the car doors are automatically closed. Moreover, a child lock is also placed for children’s safety.

Somehow, doors won’t open due to this reason, what you have to do is, deactivate the child locking system and open the door. Another thing that you can do is, try to push the open and close buttons time and again until door is open.

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