How To Get Scratches Out of Clear Coat – in Depth Review

As far as clear coat scratches are concerned, it may happen any time regardless of this fact that how much you take care of your vehicle. Sometimes, scratches may crop up during washing or opening the door of your car with keys etc. Usually, scratches take place on and around the handles of the door.

Now, the most important question that comes to your mind is how you can remove scratch from clear coat. Here, we will discuss some important points that will help you to resolve this issue. And you will be able to know how to fix clear coat scratches without any disturbance.

But before that it is very important to understand the type of scratch that is bothering you.

Two Methods To Remove Clear Coat Scratches

Basically, there are two ways that will assist you to fix scratches but it all depends upon the sternness of the scratch. First one is really quick and you can remove clear coat scratches by hand with the help of a microfiber towel and a scratch remover.

This whole process just requires few minutes. Obviously, your time and money will be saved by following this method because you can fix the scratches at your own and you do not need to carry your automobile to a mechanic or a nearby auto body shop.

On the other hand, the second method is trickier and will take more time in comparison with the first one. In terms of application, a microfiber towel and a 3 M scratch removal system is the basic requirement for this method.

Categorize The Scratches

It is always good to identify the scratch on your car because all scratches are different and there are multiple layers of paint on your vehicle. So, the first thing that you have to do is to figure out the type of the layer as this knowledge will be really helpful to understand the type of scratch that you have to fix.

Let us talk about different types of car scratches. There are only two types.

How To Identify And Remove Light Scratch

If you have a light scratch in the clear coat, you can fix it yourself and no additional help is needed. Now, you must be thinking, how can you remove a light scratch at home? Here, we will discuss the complete method and you will exert your time and energy in a right direction.

But before that you have to use the right technique to identify scratch. It can be easily done with the help of your finger, if you cannot sense it, it means, it is a light scratch. Now, you have realized that it is a light scratch, then a microfiber towel and a scratch remover is the ultimate solution.

To start with, just make sure that the surface that you have to work is, it should be dry and clean. Then put a little amount of scratch remover on the towel and apply it on the scratch. After this exert temperate pressure on scratch from different angles and apply both side to side and circular motions.

Later, swab the extra remover with the help of a towel. Now, look at the scratch carefully is it removed or not, if you still find some issue, repeat this method. Hopefully, with second attempt, a light scratch will be removed completely.

How To Identify And Remove Deep Scratch

Now, we will talk about the other scratch that is deep. Now, you must be confused how you will find out is it deep or not?  Answer is crystal clear. Just use your finger nail, if you feel something but your finger nail does not grab on the scratch effortlessly in that case, it is a deep coat scratch.

If, you get this scratch on your car’s clear coat, then do not run after a mechanic; you can also handle this situation pretty well. Go for 3 M scratch removal system and a microfiber towel.

Let us discuss about its application which is not difficult. Just follow these steps and get rid of deep clear coat car scratches. First of all, dry the scratch and its neighboring area.

Then sand the scratch with sandpaper and do not worry, it is already included in scratch removing kit, later grease it with water and keep doing this until scratch is disappeared.

Now, use a drill and compounding pad to apply rubbing compound which is an essential part of your kit, keep repeating this until it is dimmed. At this stage, you can still see small sand scratches.

Now, talk about the next step which gives an ultimate shine to your scratched vehicle what you have to do is apply a little amount of polish with the help of  a polishing pad  and drill until you get your desired result.

And the most amazing thing is that polishing pad is also included in the kit. If you want to give an extra protection to your vehicle, apply a layer of paste wax.

How To Avoid Scratches

Now, another tricky question that comes across to your mind is how you can avoid scratches after having the answer of how to get scratches out of the clear coat. Its answer is also quite simple. Let us talk about some simple precautionary measures that can play a vital role to prevent clear coat scratches.

  • If you have decided to wash your car by hand, then in that scenario you have to be very careful as you have to clean it with a microfiber sponge that catches high amount of dust which may result in scratches and damage the paint of your car.
  • You should be well aware of those areas that are frequently scratched on your automobile and how, so you should avoid touching those areas badly and hopefully you will get less scratches on your car.
  • Do not try to touch car washes as they collect dust particles from all those vehicles that pass through and then cause to scratch up the paint of your car.

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