Best Walkie Talkie For Cars Review in 2022

A walkie talkie for cars it is a two way radio that can receive and transmit radio waves. It includes a transmitter, receiver and transceiver in one package. These are used for one to one voice communication with other person. These hand held two way radios are one of the best investment when you want to communicate with people to let them know if you are in trouble, need help or just want to talk.

It is good to invest your money in a good walkie talkie. It is fun to connect with your car pals with the help of a simple push up button and you do not need to run after other tools. So, in this article, we are going to mention some of the best walkie talkie which you can buy for your cars.

6 Best Walkie Talkie For Cars

1. Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio, 3 Pack

If you are looking for a talk about radio that can be your best companion when you are out and about, in that case Motorola T100TP is the most suitable option. As far as, its application is concerned, it is very simple. It is a light weight product with the weight of 4 ounces. Its dimensions are 1.1 x 1.91 x 5.22 inches.

Motorola T100TP Talkabout Radio, 3 Pack

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This is the best tool to keep all the family members in touch whether you are in a playground, picnic or hiking in the park. You can keep yourself updated with their safety via this walkie talkie. This two way colorful radio covers up to 16 miles.

You can enjoy wide range of channels as it broadcasts 22 channels. Let us talk about some of its unique features which make it admirable. This radio is particularly designed for indoor and outdoor communication. You do not need to connect it with a wire as it is wireless.


  • It has a sleek and beautiful design and it comes in a twin or triple pack.
  • When its battery will be low, an alert sign will be flashing and you will realize that this is the high time to charge its battery.
  • It comprises of one call tone and there is also a different tone for keypad.


  • Unfortunately, these are not water resistant.

2. Midland – LXT630VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio

Let’s start our list of best walkie talkie for cars with this Midland – LXT630VP3 model. When it comes to its technical specifications, you should know that its dimensions are 1 x 2 x 7 inches. Its weight is 1 Pounds. Usually, walkie talkie for cars is not water proof but the most important thing about this one is that it is water resistant.

Midland - LXT630VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio

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As far as, the average life of its battery is concerned, it can work for almost 6 hours. It is available in black and yellow colors. This 2 way radio broadcasts 36 channels. It also has a channel scanner which keeps check of any activity. It includes a bright yellow faceplate which is particularly designed to offer high visibility.

It offers dual power options which utilize rechargeable battery pack which is included in its package. On the other hand, 3 AAA” batteries can also be used but these are not part of the package.


  • In terms of communication range, it is well appreciated as it covers up to 30 miles in an open areas.
  • You can also use the option of silent button to switch off all tones.
  • It has a NOAA WEATHER SCAN + ALERT that will automatically scan 10 different channels according to weather conditions. Its sound alert will start ringing to tell you that there is a danger of harsh weather in your vicinity.


  • This does not have any flashlight with the device which many people don’t appreciate.

3. Topsung Two Way Radios for Adults, M880 FRS Walkie Talkie

If you are looking for a reliable companion that can keep you connected with your family while you are out and about, then Top sung Two Way Radios are the most appropriate choice. Let us talk about some of its technical features which must be mentioned here. Its dimensions are 6.3 x 1.97 x 0.98 inches.

Topsung Two Way Radios for Adults, M880 FRS Walkie Talkie

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Its weight is 8 ounces. These walkie talkies are specifically designed for outdoor and indoor activities. These are compact and there are no hard and fast rules regarding its application. Even kids can use this easily.

These radios offer long standby time up to 3 to 4 days. As far as its range is concerned, it can vary in different regions from 1 / 4 to 16 miles. It includes 121 privacy codes and 22 main channels.


  • It has an Auto squelch system which is particularly designed to silent the background noise to get clear sound.
  • It is composed of environment friendly material (ABS) which makes it durable for ages.
  • Its power and volume can be adjusted.
  • Its keypad can be locked.


  • Its main disadvantage is that its range starts to decrease when it is surrounded by mountains, concrete walls or when it is underground.

4. eSynic Rechargeable Walkie Talkies with Earpieces

If you are looking for a 2 piece walkie talkie radio, then eSynic Rechargeable is the most perfect option. It is a two way radio which airs 16 channels and you can choose a channel of your own choice.

eSynic Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

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As far as, this model is concerned, it is well acclaimed for its clear and point to point communication in distant areas. It offers exceptional transmission, reception and great sound quality. Let’s talk about some of its technical specifications.

Its dimensions are 2.36 x 1.3 x 4.53 inches. Its weight is 0.18 Kilograms. Its talking distance is 3 miles in open areas and you can connect to your family and friends without any interruption. It has a low battery alarm which will start ringing when battery will be drained.

It also includes a built in LED light which can be used as a flash and emergency light and will be helpful in clear visibility.


  • It is easy to use, if you are in a remote area and signals of your cell phone are poor, you can be in touch with your family members within the distance of 3 miles.
  • It is particularly designed for hikers, bikers and field survivors.
  • It has an option of busy channel lock.Moreover; it has a large capacity battery so you can use this walkie talkie for continuous 8 to 9 hours.


  • There are not many channels.
  • There are unfortunately no privacy codes.

5. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

Let’s talk about some of its technical specifications which make it one of the best walkie talkie for cars. Its weight is 0.01 Ounces. It consumes 3.7 Volts. As compared to many other walkie talkies, it is water resistant. As far as its frequency range is concerned, it is 400 – 470 MHz. Its dimensions are 9.45 x 6.97 x 6.97 inches.

Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

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Its height is 4.35 inches without antenna. This radio is available with 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charger. As far as, it’s charging time is concerned, it takes almost 2.5 hours and your radio is fully charged. What makes this radio more productive is that it has 16 pre programmed channels, so you can enjoy multiple stations.

It comprises of a removable belt clip. It has a built in LED light which will be really helpful to operate this tool in darkness. The most amazing thing about this product is that it has a low battery alert indicator which tells you what is the right time to recharge this walkie talkie. Moreover, it gives protection against overcharging.


  • It as a sleek and compact design, you can easily carry it in your hand.
  • It is composed of solid material which makes it durable and even kids can use this.
  • Its offers great battery life span.


  • Its belt clips ate pretty average.

6. Motorola Talkabout T280 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Bundle

Let’s talk about Motorola Talkabout T280 which is third on our list of two way radio which is available in white color. Let’s have a look on some of its technical features. Its dimensions are 6.42 x 2.13 x 1.24 inches. Its weight is 6.4 ounces. If you are concerned about its battery life, it is really amazing; it can work for 12 hours.

Motorola Talkabout T280 Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Bundle

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You have two choices to recharge your radio; firstly, you can use NiMH batteries that are included in its package. Secondly, go for 3 AA batteries and your radio can work for 29 hours. It is well acclaimed for its instant communication and it keeps you and your family members prepare for disastrous situation.

Even your radio will be charged if your power circuit is down or cell phone’s battery is low. It airs 22 channels and each channel offers 121 privacy codes. With the help of 2,662 combinations, it becomes convenient for everyone to find an accessible channel. You can easily charge it with the help of Micro-USB Charging Port.


  • It is eco smart and it utilizes less power when it is in idle condition.
  • It is budget friendly.


  • No cons have been reported by users for this.

Features to consider in a good walkie talkie

The most important question that comes to your mind is what features you should consider for before buying a walkie talkie? First, you need to ask yourself why you require a walkie talkie, is it for some particular use? Means you want to use it for professional communication or just have it for fun.

Signal potency and range

In market, varieties of walkie talkies are available. Obviously, you need one that can be a best combination of performance and durability. Commonly, consumers prefer Motorola, Cisco and Hytera brands due to their authenticity and they can stay with you for longer.

If you are looking for a walkie talkie that can provide better range and clear signals within the area of many kilometers, then invest your money on a good quality radio. It will be really helpful when you find yourself in critical situation and it becomes hard for you to connect with your family.

Water resistant

Another important thing that you need to consider before buying a walkie talkie is, make sure it should be water proof. Why a water resistant walkie talkie, answer is very simple, if you are stuck in a thunder storm, it will keep you connected with your family members or workplace and will not be damaged. Moreover, it will be a great support for drivers, police officer, construction worker or emergency worker.


As far as, their price is concerned, some walkie talkies are cheap and some are expensive. It is necessary to understand which two way radios can cater to your work needs better and then spend your money on that radio.

Battery span

Usually, people are curious to know about the battery life of a walkie talkie. You will be surprise to know that it can last for 8 to 12 hours in comparison with cell phones.

Sometimes, you have to work in field area for long hours and the best tool to keep you connected with your work place is a walkie talkie because it can stay connected for longer intervals without losing its connection.

Save money

You can save your money while having a walkie talkie as all calls are free. You do not need to subscribe any monthly or weekly packages. Walkie talkies are great alternative to cell phones as they provide reliable and consistent communication. In addition, they are less in price as compared to cell phones. These are designed for indoor and outdoor usage too.

Dust proof

There will be times in your life when you have to work in rough and tough areas. Keeping a radio that is well built and damage resistant is big benefit. So make sure; the handset that you are going to buy is dust proof. Secondly, it should have a modern design so it can capture the attention of everyone.

VHF walkie talkie

You can also choose a VHF walkie talkie but these are specifically used for marine and aviation communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do walkie talkies work in cars

Walkie talkies are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family while on the go. However, many people wonder if walkie talkies work in cars. The answer is yes, walkie talkies do work in cars. There are a few different types of walkie talkies that work well in cars, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.

Are walkie talkies good for road trips

If you’re looking for a way to stay connected while on your road trip, a walkie talkie may be the perfect solution. Not only are they small enough to fit in your car’s console, but they also offer crystal-clear audio quality. Plus, because they’re portable, you can take them with you wherever you go.

Can walkie talkies pick up radio

Walkie talkies are commonly used in cars to communicate with other drivers. However, some walkie talkies can also pick up radio signals, allowing drivers to listen to the radio while they are driving. This is especially helpful when there is a traffic jam or when the driver needs to stay informed about the latest traffic updates.

Do walkie-talkies use AM or FM

Walkie-talkies are a type of communication device that use either AM or FM frequencies. They are most commonly used in cars, but they can also be used in other places where radios are needed, such as airports and warehouses.


If you are thinking to buy a walkie talkie then consider the above mentioned models. These can be the best walkie talkie for your cars. They can serve well to plan a meet up point with your friends or let your dear ones to know about you when you are stuck in a difficult situation.

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