Best Subwoofer Enclosure For Car Truck Review

If you are like me who has just got a high quality subwoofer for your vehicle few days before and spent good amount of money on it so that you can enjoy music with deep base quality but after listening to music every single time with the new subwoofer you are thinking.

You have wasted your money on the wrong product then wait a minute and try installing a subwoofer enclosure in your vehicle for deep bass quality as it makes enormous difference to the quality of music you listen and subwoofer’s optimal performance increases with installation of a subwoofer enclosure.

Although you can DIY a box design for your subwoofer enclosure but if you do not have time for this then you can get subwoofer enclosures from market easily.

In the list below, we are mentioning some of the best subwoofer enclosures which you can install in your car to improve bass quality. Let’s have a look on few options below to give you idea.

Features to consider in the best subwoofer enclosure

While travelling, the most common source of entertainment is the music. People love to have a good audio system while covering the long distances as music gives them energy to travel and keep them fresh.

So there are many people who have subwoofers in their car or any other vehicle with the subwoofer boxes or enclosure. But you must keep some features in mind while choosing the best subwoofer enclosure for sure.

Ported or the sealed subwoofer enclosure

Subwoofers are packed within a box but there is a choice of a ported or the sealed enclosure. It depends upon the choice of user. In case of sealed one, the subwoofer enclosure is air tight whereas in ported one there is the movement of air inside and out with the help of a vent that is on the bottom of the enclosure.

People loving the loud music, ported enclosure is the best choice. But people who like controlled bass performance, sealed subwoofer enclosures will be definitely a good choice.

Material of the subwoofer box

Well subwoofer enclosures come with the different materials. But my dear fellows, it really helps to determine the bass output of your subwoofers. Generally subwoofer enclosures are offered in four type of materials like Aluminum, Poly carbonate, Plywood and Medium Density Fiberboard.

These four materials are definitely different in their performance and durability. So it depends upon the personal choice and the demands of the users that what they really like while selecting the best subwoofer enclosure for them.


Size really matters of your subwoofer in the selection of subwoofer enclosure. Pay attention to the size of the enclosure and check that your subwoofer will be easily set into that enclosure with all the wiring.

Some people have a perception that a big box will produce best results and good bass sounds that is not right. A properly sized enclosure that is compatible with your subwoofer always produces good sound results. And a small sized woofer will also not be a right choice.

Check the size of your car area too where this subwoofer enclosure will be mounted. Big enclosure will definitely occupy more space. Properly sized subwoofer enclosure is always a right choice.

Customized subwoofer enclosures

Well there are many people who do not know about the customization of subwoofers. There is a general perception that readymade enclosures are good to use but it is not true.

In market plenty of brands that are offering customization of subwoofer enclosures as well as readymade ones. People who feel that the premade boxes will not work well and they will be difficult to fit in their vehicle, they can easily go for the customized enclosures.

They can select the material of their own choice and they can guide about the proper size of the enclosure. These customized subwoofer enclosures are really a good choice for those who are skeptical to the readymade ones.

Best Subwoofer Enclosure Review

1. Bbox E12ST Pro-Series 12” Single Sealed Wedge Shaped Subwoofer Enclosure

This Bbox E12ST Pro-Series is another amazing subwoofer enclosure box which is liked by users a lot. Bbox always ensure that its enclosures maintain their structural integrity over a period of time for durability and provide low frequencies of high quality.

This 12 inches box has been designed for tight room application. This is why, it can be installed under or behind your seat in a pick-up truck or SUV. This has a height of 15.25 inches, width 19.25” and depth of 5.25”.

Bbox E12ST Pro-Series

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High grade premium OEM carpeting has been used by the Bbox for giving it a durable factory look. Moreover, specially manufactured wood glue has been used for joining MDF pieces. Two applications of glue ensure for an airtight internal joints making box sturdy and strong.


  • It has a very nice looking carpet.
  • It is made of MDF material.
  • It has matchless sealing and fitment.
  • Its wedge shape allows for an easy installation in tight spaces.
  • It is a good value for money considering its quality.
  • It is available at very reasonable rates.
  • It is a durable and sturdy box.


  • Bass quality is reduced when terminal housing seeps air in the enclosure.

2. BBox E10SV Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure

The sub cut out enclosure dimensions are 9.123 inches whereas its height is 11.75 inches, depth is 15.25 inches, mounting depth is 11.5 inches. This 10 inches single vented enclosure ensures low frequency reproduction which is an ideal solution for high power sound quality production.

BBox E10SV Single 10

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Its CNC Miter and Dado design ensures air tight precision which ensures a noise and rattle free environment. Recessed side panels have been constructed in its design to ensure that unwanted vibrations and flex can be eliminated.


  • You get deep bass and clean sound from this enclosure.
  • This is a great reinforced box which is a good value for money.


  • The speaker terminal looks flimsy.
  • Cut out holes are comparatively small for keeping ten inch subwoofers.

3. Car Audio Single 12″ Vented Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box

On our list of best subwoofer enclosures, this car audio single 12 inches box is a great option. As it is a vented enclosure so you can get the maximum bass per watt from this box. It works great with any model or brand of the subwoofer but do not forget to check for the recommended airspace needed.

Car Audio Single 12 Vented Subwoofer

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These boxes have been manufactured with MDF material which is known as the best material for a subwoofer enclosure. High quality carpet has been used for the exterior which matches many interiors of different vehicles.

Let’s have a look on some of the dimensions of this subwoofer enclosure. Its mounting height is 15-1/4 Inches whereas its height is 13-1/4 inches, Depth is 16-1/4 inches and width is 18-1/4 inches. It offers an air space of 1.60 Cubic Feet. Its weight is 17.7 pounds.


  • MDF material has been used in its construction which gives a good quality bass.
  • It works great with many models of subwoofers.
  • No cons have been reported by users for this product.

4. Q Power QBOMB12V Dual 12-Inch Vented Speaker Box

This is the number one subwoofer enclosure on our list of best subwoofer enclosures. This sub box has a very unique design which makes it highly preferable over other options but this is more on an expensive side.

For starters, no carpet comes with this which is actually good as it provides you with more bass filled and deeper sound. However, it has been manufactured with a very standard MDF setting before you try to coat it to match it with the interior of your car.

Q Power QBOMB12V Dual 12-Inch Vented Speaker Box

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This is an amazing enclosure for your car and can provide you with the best musical sounds irrespective of any braking on the road. It can easily withstand all pressure from rougher turns and will always keep on providing clear sounds which you love to listen while driving.

There seems to be only one problem with this and that is difficulty in altering the ports.


  • It is very easy to install these boxes. With quick little steps you can simply install the box.
  • It is a durable and strong subwoofer box.
  • As compared to traditional designs, customers like its simple look.


  • It can be a very messy job to alter ports if your subs are larger than 12 inches.
  • Your music can stifle sometimes due to bad airflow.

5. Car Audio Dual 12″ Vented Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box

This car audio dual vented subwoofer enclosure is a 12 inches box from American Sound Connection. It comes with dual ports and showcases excellent design and quality. This is considered a very nice option for mid to high end ranges.

Its shape is cuboid and comes with a vented design to let air flow around and save subwoofer from heating up.

Car Audio Dual 12

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This box has been designed in a way that maximum bass output can be produced so that users can enjoy the music with high sound quality. It features cutouts which have been designed in a way that a 12 inches speaker can easily fit into it from any brand.

Its dimensions are as follow: Height 13-1/4 inches, width 34 inches, Depth 16-1/4 inches whereas mounting depth is 15-3/4 Inches. It has also been manufactured from high quality MDF material.

Its exterior is carpeted with good quality material so it can match with interior of any vehicle to add classy and luxury look.


  • It provides very loud sound.
  • It has deep bass.
  • This is a well cutout box which can be fitted with any speakers from any brands.


  • As compared to other boxes, this is a very heavy box.

Why you need to have subwoofer boxes?

It is entirely up to you whether you want a subwoofer box or not for your subwoofer but you must know that subwoofer enclosures have a lot of benefits if you install them in your vehicle.

First of all, you must know that a subwoofer produces sounds from front and back and if you do not have an enclosure, the sound coming from back may cancel out sound frequencies which come from the front.

So in this case, subwoofer enclosures come handy as they contain the frequencies coming from back of the speaker thereby creating uniformity in sound. This is why, we can safely say that an enclosure provides with optimal subwoofer performance.

Another purpose of installing subwoofer enclosures in your vehicle is the aesthetics. Almost all enclosure manufacturers create carpeted exterior of the boxes which usually matches the interior of your vehicle, giving your car a classy and elegant look.

If you are worried that your subwoofer parts can get damaged with the enclosure then don’t worry as they are always designed to let air flow so that no harm is caused to the components of your speaker.

Which material is the best for speaker box?

Although there are many materials which manufacturers use for building subwoofer enclosures but there is one material which mostly people believe that is the right one and ensures deepest bass quality and that is MDF known as Medium Density Fiberboard.

This material is appreciated highly for its toughness and the fact that with this material there is no over resonating of sounds which otherwise cause distortion in sound or music. This material can also easily bear extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Where should you place your subwoofer enclosure in your vehicle?

There are two options and each one depends on the choice of the car owner.

You can place the enclosure in the trunk of your car which many people prefer to do as there is more space. Otherwise you can place it under seat of your car.

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Buying Guide For Subwoofer Enclosure

There are many people who have not bought a subwoofer enclosure in their life yet and they are intending to buy this but they do not know from where to start. And they are a little bit confused so here we will provide you with a guide line about buying the best subwoofer enclosure.

  • Reliable material for subwoofers

As we said earlier subwoofer enclosures are available in four materials but for newbies who do not know that which material is the best, we would recommend that Medium Density Fiberboard is the best material. Mostly this material is recommended for enclosures.

  • Figure out the dimensions of your subwoofer

While buying the subwoofer enclosure, you must have an idea about the size of your subwoofer. It will really help you in enjoying the good sounds. Neither too big nor too small enclosure will be suitable. Properly sized box is always recommended.

  • Pricing

Pricing is a point that really matters while buying an enclosure. This is so because subwoofer enclosures are available in four materials and the pricing differs too from material to material. So you must have to work out that what material you really prefer for your enclosure.

Then you can consider the prices of different brands who are offering the enclosures in the same material.  Select one that really comes into your budget.

  • Aesthetics

There are many users who really like an enclosure that goes very well with the interior of their vehicles like it may be your car, truck, van, taxi etc. Many brands are offering subwoofer boxes with the embellished outer layer that is really compatible with the interior of the vehicle.

So users with such requirements can access those brands and they can buy a box that really compliments the interior of the vehicle.

I hope these tips will help you make the best buy for enclosure.


In the lines above, we have mentioned some best subwoofer enclosures available in the market. Every brand offer different features in the enclosures so depending on the size of your subwoofer you can get the right one for you.

With just a little research you can find the box which not only matches your vehicle’s interior but also provide you with the deep bass quality.

If you are worried that with the installation of a subwoofer enclosure, your subwoofer parts will get heated and you may end up with failed parts then you need to revisit your decision.

Subwoofer boxes have been designed in a way that there is a constant flow of air from the back which keeps your system cool and no damage is done to the critical parts of your subwoofer.

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