Best Automotive Test Light in 2021- Top Products Review

If you do not know that what is wrong with the wiring system of your automobile or you are confused whether the problem is with ignition or vehicle’s charging system or any other issue with brake lights occurring and you are not sure if the current is passing through the wiring of the car or not, then you need to buy an automotive test light.

This test light enables you to ensure if the current is passing through a specific wire or not as only after highlighting the problematic area, you can get it fixed.

We are listing below some of the best automotive test lights which you can buy for accessing problems in wires and circuits.

Features to consider before buying an automotive test light

The most important question that comes to your mind is what features you should consider before having a test light. Let us discuss some important points that will help you to choose the best automotive light. In market, different brands have launched testing lights and somehow, it becomes a difficult task to pick the right one.

What to Look for Before Buying a Best Automotive Test Light


The first thing that you need to focus is its design. It should have a smooth handle so you can hold this easily for long intervals and your arms will not be tired while working and a bright red bulb that might be replaced easily which will be really helpful to check the signals of volt without any interference.

Moreover, what you need to figure out is, there should be a pointed probe and it should be composed of premium quality steel that guarantees handy piercing and back probing.

Length of cord

Another important feature that you must consider is the length of the cord of this tester, it should be 12 ft. If you want to add extra versatility, do not ignore the screw on the alligator. This can be utilized to locate groundsand test electrical circuits.

Best for test 6 and 12 volt system

Always keep this point in your mind while purchasing a testing light; it may permit you to check 6- and 12-volt system fast in no time.


Another feature that you cannot ignore is its material. Definitely, it should be composed of high-quality material which makes it long lasting. Secondly, you may avoid the danger of any disaster while checking the presence of current in different objects. So, always invest your money on a quality tester.

Easy to use

Just focus on this point before having a tester, there should not be any hard and fast rules regarding its usage. Its installation should be easy. You should not require any help from others regarding its application.

Budget friendly

Another question that keeps you worried is what can be the price of a quality testing light? Either it should be cheap or expensive or if it is worth your money?

So search online different brands and select one automotive light that fits well to your needs and should not be out of your budget.

Best Automotive Test Light Review

1. Katzco Voltage Continuity and Current Tester

This Katzco is on our number one list when we talk about best automotive test light. This is a 5.6 ounce light with the dimensions of the product 11.9 x 4.2 x 1.3 inches. The whole set of Katzco includes one continuity tester.

It features a very sharp steel probe which can reach into very small and tight places and can easily pierce insulation. This comes with an extremely large cord which is 54 inches in size.

Katzco Voltage Continuity and Current Tester

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This long cord increases range, flexibility and freedom for testing. Its handle has a light bulb which helps indicate that when circuit is in good form.

This is a very good light for voltage regulators, switches, fuses, broken wires etc. Electricians and mechanics both use this light for testing voltage continuity and other purposes.


  • It has been priced really well.
  • It has a very large cord.
  • Makes quick testing easy and hassle free.


  • Clamp is very small for users.

2. JASTIND Heavy Duty 3-48V Backlit Digital LCD Circuit Tester

This Jastind heavy duty test light is also a circuit tester which can test up to 3-48V. This is a widely used circuit test light which has been designed for checking electrical circuits of your car and other DC circuits and wiring of 3-48V can also be tested with this.

It features a very nice blue back light LCD digital display which has a resolution of .1V voltage reading and it is accurately displayed (when you check a wire or circuit) to high accuracy of ±0.3V.

JASTIND Heavy Duty 3-48V Backlit Digital LCD Circuit Tester

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It is a heavy duty test light which has been manufactured with acetate fiber body. It has a shatter proof and high toughness material than others available in the market.

It can reach difficult areas easily and has sharp stainless steel probe for piercing. It has long 140 inches PU spring wire for easy testing of automotive operations.


  • It is easy to use with 140 inches spring wire.
  • LCD display.
  • Shatter proof material.


  • This is one way current negative mode circuit tester.

3. WINAMOO Premium Digital LED Automotive Circuit Tester

WINAMOO Premium is one of the best automotive test light which can detect current present from 3-32V. This test light features a nice LCD display screen which makes it easy to see status of voltage in a wire or circuit which you are testing. For making sure that you have accurate readouts, LED has 0.1V resolution and 0.5V accuracy.

WINAMOO Premium Digital LED Automotive Circuit Tester

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Red light shows positive polarity and green light shows negative polarity. It comes with a 96 inches PU extended spring wire.

An alligator clip is attached on one end and stainless steel probe is attached on the other side. For increasing durability of this product, it has been manufactured with heavy duty material.


  • It has been made with high quality material.
  • It is durable.
  • It ensures accurate voltage check.
  • It can easily reach tight areas.


  • It is difficult to read on LED screen during day light.

4. JASTIND Heavy Duty Automotive Circuit Tester Premium

In our list of automotive test lights, JASTRIND heavy duty is another option which you can look into. It has a coiled cord which is very suitable for people who think that a straight long wire can be troubling for them to keep things tidy. This coiled wire is extremely long and can extend up to 11.25 feet which is 135 inches.

JASTIND Heavy Duty Automotive Circuit Tester, Premium

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It works very well for distant and higher fuses. Its sharp piercing probe will also help to easily test lights of your automobile and other circuits and wires. It also features a big three inches alligator clip which mostly works for negative and positive terminals.

It has been designed to check voltage of 6V to 24V. It also comes with a replacement indicator light which can be changed easily.


  • Its quality is pretty descent as compared to other test lights available in market of this range.
  • It is a heavy duty tester which is good for automotives.


  • For continuity tester, it will require a battery.

5. OctagonStar 16012 Circuit Tester

OctagonStar 16012 is another test light for automotives in our list which electrician, mechanics and drivers use for testing voltage. When current flows through the filament of this tester, the bulb inside light up and if the bulb stops working, it is easy to replace the bulb.

OctagonStar 16012 Circuit Tester

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It has a large clip which does not fit into tighter spaces well. But this works efficiently for almost every negative pole. It is easy to attach clip to the unit and it won’t slip up.


  • It is very easy to use this product.
  • It is available at very reasonable price.
  • It works efficiently without any failures.


  • It does not have an LCD display.
  • Due to large clip, it cannot fit in to tighter spaces.

6. INNOVA 3420 Smart Test Light / Circuit Tester

Innova has designed this 3420 automotive test light which is very suitable for testing voltage of various electrical systems in a safe way. This test light can be easily connected using a power plug, cigarette lighter or by using a detachable twin alligator clamps.


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Its wire is 6 feet long which helps to reach far off locations with ease to check voltage. Its design is very unique as compared to other automotive test lights in market. The transparent handle looks unique and shows bright LEDs for identifying the connections. 

  • White means proper connection to source
  • Green means ground present
  • Red means voltage present

Its handle also features ergonomic grip which ensures safety and comfort.

Let’s have a look on some of the pros and cons of INNOVA 3420.


  • It has pretty long 6 feet wire.
  • It is excellent for testing inputs to PCM on a vehicle.
  • It is good value for money.
  • Its design looks pretty elegant.


  • It is not a highly durable test light.

7. OTC 3636 Heavy-Duty Coil Cord Circuit Tester

On our list, this is another test light for automotive which has some amazing features. This features a multi functional design which enables you to test two systems i.e. 6 volts and 12 volts. It also features two lights red and green which shows volt signals like ground power and frequency.

OTC 3636 Heavy-Duty Coil Cord Circuit Tester

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It has an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to work with this test light. It also has this coiled cord which is 12 feet long that allows you to check different electrical systems in your car. The bright red bulb in the system can be replaced easily if it stops working.

For ensuring safety of the user, this product features high current clips which come with protective boots. You can easily hook these clips as they have additional width of 5/8”. An insulated shaft is another feature of the stainless steel probe in this tester.


  • It is very easy to use this circuit tester.
  • It has a multi functional design which increases its value.


  • Its clips are very small.

8. Large Size Heavy Duty 3-48V Digital LCD Circuit Tester

This is a 3-48V digital LCD circuit tester/automotive light which comes with a 140 inches extended spring wire. It has been designed for checking electrical circuits of your car and you can also use it for other wires and circuits of 3-48V. It has been manufactured with sharp stainless steel probe which is used for piercing wires.

Large Size Heavy Duty 3-48V Digital LCD Circuit Tester

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It can reach in to difficult areas easily. For easy operations, it comes with a 3.6 meter long PU spring wire which is portable so you can do your testing easily. It has a digital display feature which allows you to see voltage reading clearly.

It is a shatter proof automotive test light which has been made of acetate fiber and has high toughness capacity.


  • It has a digital display reading feature.
  • Its spring wire is portable for easy operations.


  • No cons have been seen by the user.

Guide to Buying the Best Automotive Test Light

The most commonly asked question is why you should purchase an automotive test light? There are some obvious reasons that make this tool mandatory to be an essential part of your daily tool kit.

A test light is specifically engineered with a pointed and long probe that can touch the required object easily without any hassle. The main purpose to keep it so long is try to reach most difficult and narrow areas. Mostly, consumers prefer this test light as it offers quick action against trouble shooting.

This tool is also considered best for automobiles too because it can assess the condition of fuse. On the other hand, if you want to know what’s the problem with your vehicle’s charging system? You are not able to understand which tool can solve your problem.

Obviously, you need an effective tool that can determine where the issue is? In that case, an automotive test light is the best choice.

In addition; it can also be utilized to check the light of brakes, to figure out grounds and to assess other conditions. If you are concerned about its price, it is budget friendly, it can be a great investment as it can stay with you for longer, so you do not need to spend money on its purchase time and again.

It can be costly but it depends upon the model that you choose. Always invest your money on a quality product, once you get the authentic tool, you can understand your car’s wiring issues within no time.

It is also been named as circuit tester but whatever the name this tool has, this is quite helpful to resolve your routine issues for example, it will assist you to test the electricity presence at any time. You do not need to call any technician for this purpose.


In the above lines, we have comprehensively mentioned in detail about 14 best automotive test lights which you can choose from. We cannot name one best test light as every brand has its own features which make it different from others.

So, it is important that you choose the one test light which suits your needs and budget. Feel free to go through all details before buying any test light so that when you go for shopping you are fully equipped with pros and cons of the product.

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