5 Best Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Review in 2022

You may lose your wits over the selection of an automotive diagnostic scanner because there are plenty of scanners available in the market. But there is no need to worry about as all you need before buying the best automotive diagnostic scanner is research. Here we are going to review some of the best diagnostic scanners that are really serving the users in the best possible way. These reviews are as follow,

5 Best Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

1. ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD

This is a well designed product that comes with a big LCD display. It has white back ground with the contrast adjustment so users can easily read the screen. The weight of this diagnostic scanner is 9.6 ounces and the other dimensions of this product are 9.21*6.46*1.46 inches.

ANCEL AD310 Classic

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This is an awesome product that features a classic design. This is the fastest scanner that is able to clear the trouble codes. This is a user friendly product that even novice users can use easily. Error codes can be read easily so it becomes easy to figure out the problems. Once the errors are identified, it becomes easy to fix the issues.

This is a versatile scanner that shows compatibility with newer OBD II, 1996 US based vehicles and the 2000 EU based vehicles. It is also compatible with Asian vehicles. It can express diagnostic properties in multiple languages like Spanish, French, English, Dutch etc. This product quickly diagnoses that why the check engine light blinks and saves your money and time by providing a proper guidance.

Pros and cons of ANCEL AD310


  • This is classically designed diagnostic scanner that really saves your money and time.
  • Large LCD really helps to read the screen properly.
  • There is no need of any charger or battery. This scanner gets the power directly from your vehicle through OBD II link connector.
  • It comes with a cable and it is made of thick yet flexible insulator.
  • Such a user friendly product.


  • Some users complain that this scanner finds an error but could not read it properly.

2. Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808, 2021 Newest OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner

This diagnostic scanner offers twenty five plus awesome features and really makes your day in case of any car related contingencies. The most prominent features are SAS Calibration, IMMO Keys, Injector coding, Oil resetting, ABS bleeding etc.

Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808

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This is a cost effective diagnostic scanner with the IMMO keys. When you lost a key, it adds the new key. Well when we talk about the versatility, we come to know that Autel is the highly versatile diagnostic scanner that is available in the market. This well designed scanner is an ideal choice for professional mechanics and car shop dealers. This scanner really works well with more than 80 car models.

It can read and clear the codes and users can view live data too for all the present systems while using the supported protocols. Users are able to understand through the detail report about the exact problem and they are able to fix the problem too by managing their budget. This Autel scanner just weighs 1.1 pounds and the other dimensions of this scanner are 9.45*1.38*5.91 inches.

Pros and cons of Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808


  • It gives a bag full of features to ease your life.
  • Its AutoVIN technology is great that fetches the detailed information of car.
  • This is a cost effective automotive diagnostic scanner.
  • 32 GB memory and 7 inch LCD screen are other prominent features that make it attractive for the users.
  • This is the fastest scanner.
  • It saves your time and money.


  • There is some issue with IMMO function. It does not work as good as it is portrayed.

3. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

This is a good scanner that has an ability to read all the systems of your vehicle and it can clear your check engine light too after reading it. The best feature of this scanner is that you can generate unlimited reports about vehicle problems from the data base that are updated by the professionals for the understanding of their users.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Too

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BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro is an easy to use scanner that is as competent as a handheld scan tool. This great product also shares the feature of a smart phone and tablet and provides so many benefits like live streaming of data, interactive graphing, saving data etc. BlueDriver Sensor and BlueDriver App are the promising feature of this scanner as they work together to provide the best service.

This is an ideal tool for mechanics as it is a professionally designed product. This is an officially certified automotive diagnostic scanner and the weight of this scanner is 2.08 ounces. The other dimensions of this scanner are 2.2*1.9*1 inches.

Pros and cons of BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro


  • This is a professionally designed scanner that really helps its users.
  • Easy to use diagnostic scanner.
  • You can get the snapshot of your vehicle when the freeze frame code is activated.
  • Live data graphing and streaming is possible.
  • It is easy to determine that whether your vehicle is ready or not for emission test.


  • Sometimes does not provide as reliable data as it should.
  • This is not for the weekend mechanics.

4. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner Automotive Engine

Well in this list, this is another best automotive diagnostic scanner. This diagnostic scanner comes with 2.5 feet long cable and its LCD display is really crisp to give you a clear reading service. Its feature of patented one click I/M key is great as it provides drive cycle verification and state emission check.

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner

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There is no need of battery. The TFT color display of this product is awesome that provides a user friendly interface. Its built in speaker is also very good so audible indication is also provided to the people. It can be charged with the data link connector of OBD II data directly from your vehicle.

This error code reader comes with an easy interface and it is a plug and play product. People or users who do not even know the vehicle repairs, this error code reader provides an instant control to the users and they might get their desired information quickly. The weight of this product is 6.2 ounces and the other dimensions of this scanner are 62.99*17.72*92.52 inches.

Pros and cons of Autel AutoLink AL319


  • Advanced scanning tool that features patented one click I/M service.
  • Needs no battery and directly gets charged from OBD II port of your vehicle.
  • Ability to work with most of the vehicles that were introduced after 1996.
  • Bright colored screen allows you to read the instructions fully.
  • It can express instructions in 7 languages that is great.
  • It provides user friendly interface.


  • This product does not work with all the vehicles.

5. LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Bidirectional Scan Tool

This is a bi-directional scanner that offers the storage capacity of 32G. This diagnostic scanner features many advanced functions like Tyre reset, Windows Calibration, Language change, Seats calibration, A/F reset A/F, Coolant Bleed, NOx Sensor Reset NOx, Adblue Reset, transport mode and Stop/start reset.

LAUNCH X431 PROS Mini Bidirectional Scan Tool

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This is a great tool as it has an ability to support 24 languages and you can update your software with just a single click. As we said earlier that it is a bi-directional diagnostic scanner so it is capable of actuating actuators and solenoids for the purpose of active testing. This scanner can send commands to the different components for checking their working status and it does not use the control of vehicles.

This is a well designed product which tells you about the procedures of dealership level and you can learn a lot with it and perform maintenance and repair tasks on your own. It can work with multiple car brands and more than 10000 car models that is really good. The weight of this diagnostic scanner is 7.45 pounds and the other dimensions of this tool are 15.91*11.89*4.21 inches.

Pros and cons of LAUNCH X431


  • Customer service support is available all the time for the better utilization of this scanner.
  • It comes with a large display screen so users can read the codes properly.
  • It can be used with more than 10,000 car models that is really appreciating.
  • Such a nice tool that is available at an affordable price.


  • This is a bit heavy scanner as compared to other scanners.
  • This scanner becomes a bit slow when it is used with different PID’s.

How to Choose the Best Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Functionality is definitely the core of the product that should be really considered while buying the best automotive diagnostic scanner. There are many people who are confused about the features as they really do not know that what they should look for. So here are the core features of a good diagnostic scanner which will give you a detailed view about it so keep reading!


Intelligence is the most important feature that plays a vital role while selecting the scanner. Auto VIN is the most smart feature that is considered because it helps to identify the model and make of the vehicle. If we look this feature from efficiency point of view, we will really appreciate the importance of this feature.


When an automotive diagnostic scanner is bought, it is essential to consider its accuracy level. Investment in a diagnostic scanner that does not produce accurate results all goes in vain. But the dear fellas, accuracy cannot be checked or verified so the easy solution is that you should buy the diagnostic scanner from a reputed brand to avoid any mishap.


A good diagnosis scanner features a really good speed. A fast scanner will quickly identify the problem, read it and it will allow you to a prompt response. Speed really matters for the professionals because they have to solve the issue of plenty of people in their garage on daily basis and they have not much time to spend on a single car. A scanning tool with good speed will really work wonders for them. You can address the issues quickly.


Well updates are also very important for these scanners. In market plenty of scanners are available that offer free updates for the life time but there are many scanners they do not offer such facility. They require a specific paid subscription after some period of time. So feature of updates matters too.

It is also considered that how the updates will be happened. While buying the best automotive diagnostic scanner, you should prefer the scanner that provides update through Wi-Fi connection. Because this is the most reliable method for updating and it saves your time too.


Problem identification or diagnosis is not so easy. But it becomes easy when you talk to the users of a specific community of a brand who use the same diagnosing tool. So prefer a scanning tool that is used by a community to get their support in case of any need regarding your diagnostic scanner. It really matters a lot in solving your issues.

Customer support

A good customer service support is really the need of hour. There are so many brands that have this service and they are really doing the great. Troubleshooting issue with the diagnostic scanner are bit frustrated so a good customer service support will really make your day. They will really enhance your knowledge and allow you to solve the issue in no time with proper guidance.

Can you turn computer into automotive diagnostic scanner

Certain computers can be configured to function as automotive diagnostic scanners. These computers have the necessary software and hardware installed to allow them to read various codes and scan various systems in a car. This is a valuable tool for repairing or diagnosing problems with a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a OBD scanner worth it

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not a OBD scanner is worth your investment. First and most obviously, the price of the scanner will be an important factor. More expensive scanners offer more features and can do more complex diagnostics, but they may also be more difficult to use. If you only need to scan for basic faults, a less expensive model may be sufficient.

Some models are more accurate than others, so it’s important to choose one that will accurately diagnose your car’s problems. Finally, you should also consider what type of information the scanner can retrieve. Some scanners can only read diagnostic codes, while others can also extract information about your car’s engine settings and even its electrical systems.

Do all code readers work on all cars

The code readers that are available on the market vary in terms of their compatibility with different makes and models of cars. Most code readers are designed to work with a range of different car models, so they should be able to scan the codes present on most vehicles.Do all OBD2 scanner erase codes

OBD2 scanners are capable of detecting and reading codes from a variety of vehicles. In general, most OBD2 scanner erase codes. Not all code erasing will work with every scanner. Some scanners may not be able to erase certain types of codes, or they may only be able to erase certain types of errors.

Is Autel a good scanner

The Autel MaxiScanner is a good scanner for automotive repair. It has a wide range of capabilities, including diagnostics and repairs. It is easy to use, and it can scan multiple systems at once. The Autel MaxiScanner is also affordable, making it a good option for small businesses.


This is the list of the best automotive diagnostic scanners that are known for the best results. All you have to do is the right selection. Once the selection is done properly then you can enjoy the benefits of this product in real time.

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